Eppleworth is proud to offer one of the most diverse and interesting programs in Toronto.

Our emphasis? Individual needs. We want to enhance and build on each participant’s existing abilities by providing a variety of skill-appropriate activities. Daily stimulation and opportunities for problem-solving in a friendly, respectful atmosphere foster total health.

Our overall vision is to maintain a vibrant, healthy, and sustainable learning environment for participants who are no longer school-aged and who face unique challenges as their parents age. Self-reliance is a key component.

The success of the day program is achieved in part by our wonderful staff, participants and support network of family and volunteers. Their collaborative effort and commitment allow for continual program enhancement.

Take a look at some of Eppleworth’s diverse program activities.

At the Centre
In the Community

Participants of our program pay a monthly fee to aid in program delivery and parents or guardians are required to be a member of our Operating Board. Please contact us for information on joining our program.